Top 10 Reasons to Hire Ron as Your Speaker

Ron Berk

  1. He is not only funny, he's CLEAN FUNNY; NO profanity, vulgarity, or blue material that could offend your audience;
  1. His "culture-free humor" connects with people from all over the world;
  1. He models what he teaches by engaging your audience throughout the presentation;
  1. His presentations are super-sized with state-of-the- art, evidence-based content, plus humor, music, and videos;
  1. He uses his multiple intelligences to never insult yours; he is clever, insightful, and very imaginative;
  1. He custom-tailors his Broadway production to fit your specifications (length, content, media, audience size and composition, venue, etc.); NO canned speeches;
  1. He prepares everything for you—handouts, intro. and closing remarks, lighting and sound scripts for technicians, etc.;
  1. Your audience will exit turbo-charged with concrete techniques they can't wait to implement;
  1. He's the consummate professional—responsive to your every need, but also fun to work with;

And the #1 reason to hire Ron:

  1. He is probably the only academic speaker with a Money-Back Guarantee—If he doesn't deliver the goods, you don't pay.


Ronald A. Berk, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Biostatistics and Measurement
The Johns Hopkins University


10326 Hickory Ridge Rd., Apt. 618
Columbia, Maryland 21044

Office: (410) 940-7118



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