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Articles in 2013-2018 (download Articles):

Berk, R. A. (2018a). Grit 2.0: A review with strategies to deal with disappointment, rejection, and failure. Journal of Faculty Development, 32(2), 91-104.

Berk, R. A. (2018b). Humor in scholarly journal articles: What could possibly go wrong? Journal of Faculty Development, 32(3), 59-72.

Berk, R. A. (2018c). Start spreading the news: Use multiple sources of evidence to evaluate teaching. Journal of Faculty Development, 32(1), 73-81.

Berk, R. A. (2017a). MICROAGGRESSIONS TRILOGY: Part 3. Microaggressions in the classroom. Journal of Faculty Development, 31(3), 95-110.

Berk, R. A. (2017b). MICROAGGRESSIONS TRILOGY: Part 2. Microaggressions in the academic workplace. Journal of Faculty Development, 31(2), 69-83.

Berk, R. A. (2017c). MICROAGGRESSIONS TRILOGY: Part 1. Why do microaggressions matter? Journal of Faculty Development, 31(1), 63-73.

Berk, R. A. (2016). Value of value-added models based on student outcomes to evaluate teaching. Journal of Faculty Development, 30(3), 73-81.

Berk, R. A. (2015). The greatest veneration: Humor as a coping strategy for the challenges of aging. Social Work in Mental Health, 13(1), 30-47.

Berk, R. A. (2014a). "Last professor standing!": PowerPoint enables all faculty to use humor in teaching. Journal of Faculty Development, 28(3), 81-87.

Berk, R. A. (2014b). LINKEDIN TRILOGY: Part 3. Top 20 sources for connections and how to add recommendations. Journal of Faculty Development, 28(1), 1-13.

Berk, R. A. (2014c). Should student outcomes be used to evaluate teaching? Journal of Faculty Development, 28(2), 87-96.

Berk, R. A. (2013a). Face-to-face versus online course evaluations: A "consumer's guide" to seven strategies. (MERLOT) Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 9(1), 140-148.

Berk, R. A. (2013b). LINKEDIN TRILOGY: Part 1. Top 10 reasons you should NOT join LinkedIn professional network! Journal of Faculty Development, 27(2), 1-5.

Berk, R. A. (2013c). LINKEDIN TRILOGY: Part 2. Creating an eye-popping profile to be found and network with LinkedIn optimization. Journal of Faculty Development, 27(3), 1-8.

Berk, R. A. (2013d). Multigenerational diversity in the academic workplace: Implications for practice. Journal of Higher Education Management, 28(1), 10-23.

Berk, R. A. (2013e). Should global items on student rating scales be used for summative decisions? Journal of Faculty Development, 27(1), 57-61.

Berk, R. A. (2013f). Top 5 flashpoints in the assessment of teaching effectiveness. Medical Teacher, 35, 15-26.


Berk, R. A. (in preparation). No teacher left behind: Teaching strategies for the net generation.

Berk, R. A. (2013). Top 10 flashpoints in student ratings and the evaluation of teaching. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

New Presentations (see Abstracts):

Humor and Multimedia to Engage the Net Generation

Teaching Strategies for the Multigenerational Classroom

Top 10 Evidenced-Based, Best Practices for PowerPoint® in the Classroom

Top 10 Tips for Smash-the-Mold PowerPoints®

Using YouTube Clips from TV, Movies, and Broadway in Your PowerPoints®

Music as a Teaching Tool: Classical to Hip-Hop across the Curriculum


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