What students have said about Ron's presentations in the U.S., Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Persian Gulf

"We truly loved Dr. Ron Berk's keynote. I hope these words can express what his presentation meant to our audience. He provided an excellent balance of research, facts, and a fascinating sense of humour! What the future medical scientists learned from his remarkable presentation at the conference was impressive. He stimulated their minds, inspired, entertained, and definitely challenged them to look beyond..."

ANNE-FRIEDERIKE HUEBENER, Programme and Logistics Coordinator, 18th European (Biomedical) Students' Conference (ESC), Berlin, GERMANY

"Dr. Berk was a sensational keynote and workshop speaker at the 6th Gulf Cooperative Council Medical Students Scientific Conference in Al Ain. His obvious zest for communication, his great sense of humor, and his genuine dedication to the students place him unequivocally in the Premier League of Great Teachers. Thank you, Ron!"

GEORGE CARRUTHERS, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

"Ron Berk's keynote stole the hearts of students and the academic staff of our medical school at our international medical student conference. He modeled exactly what he was recommending to the audience. After the third long conference day, his message filled with humour, music, and videos captured everybody's attention and imagination. It led to a healthy debate about teaching strategies with technology and how to keep students' attention."

CORNELIS VAN DER TORREN, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Leiden International Medical Student Conference, THE NETHERLANDS

"When I first attended Professor Berk's lecture in Berlin about humour and stress management, I laughed so hard I had to hold on to my seat so I would not fall off. The thought that formed in my head amid all of the humour was: "We must get that man for our congress!" In the following months, Ron demonstrated that he does truly stand behind all he says in practice. He is a terrific person to work with and an electrifying lecturer that captures the hearts and minds of the audience. He showed that good will, laughter, and high spirits know no borders; nor bounds of race, nation, ideology, or religion. There was a sense of calm, peace, and inner happiness in every person that left his lecture. If you haven't heard him, you have no idea how much you are missing."

VUKADIN MILANOV, President, International Medical Students' Congress, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Medicine, SERBIA

"Professor Berk has a unique way of presentation so that anyone can easily understand him and never forget his ideas. His keynote was the best I have ever seen in my life. I think no one should miss his lectures and workshops full of humour and memorable information. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his lectures, you'll see...."

RUXANDRA SFETCU, Medical Student, Western University of Arad, Faculty of General Medicine, ROMANIA

"Professor Ron Berk, in defining 'your purpose in medicine,' that would be boring, I thought. And wow, was I surprised. I never thought I could get my mind on track so fast and so smoothly. He presents so well—he is entertaining, even talking serious business; inspiring, but still demanding active audience involvement. His keynote is a must for every medical student."

MARCIN WASKO, Medical Student, Jagiellonian University, Medical College, Cracow, POLAND

"Ron's keynote was one of the best I have ever seen in my life. I can remember most of what he said. The ideas were wonderful! The most impressive point that I had never seen anywhere else was his eye contact with all of the students. I was there with my brother and I was thinking how he can make all of these people so calm and relaxed with just one look. I learned so many things from him..."

AFSANEH MORTEZA, Medical Student, Tehran University of Medical Science, IRAN

"Prof. Berk's keynote on 'Determining Your Purpose in a Medical Career', by itself, made a four-day medical conference worth attending. As a student, I have attended countless lectures and continue to do so, but I doubt that I will ever be as positively influenced by a presentation as I was by Dr. Berk's. Being fun-filled, energetic, and interactive, it gave medical students what we often lose along the way--PERSPECTIVE. Thank you so much for giving stressed-out students the best laughs they've had in a long time! I'm envious of those that have been lucky enough to take courses taught by him!"

IRMA FARUQI, University of Sharjah--Medicine, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

"Professor Ron Berk's keynote was marvelous. He gives you numerous ideas and strategies using humour and engaging the audience so you become an active participant in the presentation. I was amazed how useful and interesting it was. All of the music, movies, and sound effects were carefully integrated. For me it was just perfect. If you have a chance to go to Professor Berk's keynote or workshop, don't be afraid. Just go."

CSONGOR TOTH, Medical Student, Western University "Vasile Goldis" of Arad, Faculty of General Medicine, ROMANIA

"We hired Ron Berk as one of our keynote speakers for the 2007 Leiden International Medical Student Conference. His task for this conference was to give the final endnote presentation after the 2-day conference and close it with a blast. Well I have to say, there is only one word for his work: WOW!!!!! Although Ron is a statistician, his presentation was amazing. Due to his wide knowledge and his several books on humor, he managed to grab the full attention of the international audience of faculty and students. As a member of the organizing committee, I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and we know all of our visitors did as well. I would recommend him to any meeting planner who is organizing a conference, congress, or wants a highly educational, but also entertaining keynote."

CHRISTIAAN DE SITTER, Senior Assistant Accountant (Global Financial Services Industry), Deloitte, The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS


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