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PowerPoint® Custom Animation, Music, and Videos

When you use PowerPoint® to teach, to train, or to present to any audience, do you simply click running text on each slide and read it? That can easily induce a coma.

That seems to be the norm. It's certainly the easiest to prepare. If you have a lot of time on your hands AND you want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, you can distinguish your presentations with a theatrical touch. Animation, music, and/or videos can jumpstart your presentation and bring your words to life. Those words won't know what hit them. They'll be as surprised as you. You can create movement out of dead words by using slide transitions, letter and word animation, music, and video clips. Your audience will definitely appreciate that movement. They may stay awake and, perhaps, even become engaged in your presentation. You will need to go beyond basic text flashed on each slide. It means transforming your current slides into a production beyond your wildest imagination. Consider the following:


MUSIC (See Articles on a dozen music strategies)

VIDEOS (See Articles on a dozen video strategies)

The issue is this: I enrolled in beginning and advanced PowerPoint® courses and never learned the technical requirements to execute any of the above. Since most people don't bother with animation and media, they're not covered in any detail in standard courses and manuals. It's taken several additional months of hard knocks and tutoring by computer experts to allow me to do the above. There is still no guarantee that everything will work perfectly in your PowerPoint® presentation. What I have learned, however, I can pass on to you step-by-step at an hourly rate so you don't have to experience the excruciating pain and suffering I went through. You have a choice to make: Add zip to your presentation quickly under my guidance (aka BUCKO Method®) or try it on your own. If you pick the former, e-mail ( or call (410-730-9339) me; if you choose the latter, good luck.


Ronald A. Berk, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Biostatistics and Measurement
The Johns Hopkins University


10326 Hickory Ridge Rd., Apt. 618
Columbia, Maryland 21044

Office: (410) 940-7118



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