Top 10 FAQs about Humor in the Classroom

There are 10 Frequently Asked Questions about the uses of humor in college teaching that I describe in my presentations and publications. You can hear my short-winded answers (~30-60 seconds) to those questions by clicking the icon. My long-winded, verbally-larded answers can be found in my publications.

  1. "Why use humor in the classroom?"
  2. "Is all of the humor based on my ability to tell jokes?"
  3. "Is there any research to support its use?"
  4. "Can any professor use humor or do you have to have a special ability?"
  5. "How do I overcome the 'fear factor'?"
  6. "Will I appear silly, undignified, and unprofessional?"
  7. "How do students respond to the humor?"
  8. "How can I use humor and still stay focused on the content?"
  9. "What's the most important factor in the success of humor in the classroom?"
  10. "What types of humor are inappropriate in the classroom?"

The above Top 10 FAQs are also available on CD for $14.95 (plus $5.00 S & H for US; $10 USD for Canada). Contact me to place an order. As a bonus, the answers are even included!


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